iVanity Elegant – Makeup App Gets a Make Over

Independent iPhone app developer emirBytes today announces iVanity Elegant 2.0 for iOS devices. iVanity Elegant was created for girls so that they can start experimenting with makeup applications, without actually needing to own any. It features a variety of eye colors, thicker eyelashes with variety of eyeshadow colors, variety of blush colors with shapes specifically for different types of faces, variety of lipstick colors with different types of lips type, and variety of glasses and shades.

Screenshot Screenshot

The developer commented that the app has received a total make over, based on user’s feedback. “iVanity started out as a simple app to add make-ups to a portrait photo. Many people have bought it and many are kind enough to offer some improvements ideas direct to our email. We have reviewed their ideas and compiled them together with some of our own and give the app iVanity a total make over. Due to the massive upgrade, we stepped up the version number from 1.2 to 2.0. We hope the current users of iVanity are pleased with the update, and of course we welcome any ideas for future updates.”

iVanity Elegant now features:
* Fully customizable make up items and accessories – users can move, rotate, resize, colorize, and adjust the amount
* New functions – “Match” and “Level” make editing items that come in pair easier
* “Makeup Advisor” teaches girls on how to apply makeups based on their facial features
* Apply Greyscale filter to produce awesome effect
* Save it to your device (to set as wallpaper) or upload to your Facebook account


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