iXtreme Fitness

iXtreme has delivered an all-in-one fitness solution for users and it’s available now for a special introductory price.  Track calories, track your workout, and map your runs all in one app.   You don’t want to use multiple apps for managing intake and energy expenditure.  iXtreme Fitness does it all.

iXtreme Fitness features:

- Use your iPhone’s GPS to keep track of your runs and display them visually on a map! It gives you metrics like pace and distance ran!
- A calorie counter with over 7500 food items that you can use to keep track of your daily calorie intake! The nutrition facts are all on an online database, and there are facts for over 45 different minerals, vitamins, and lipids!
- An exercise log with over 600 exercises to add to your daily workout planner for when you go to the gym!

More features are coming soon! Get it now for a special introductory price!

iXtreme Fitness has features which require 3G or Wi-Fi access and/or GPS functionality to use!

iXtreme Fitness - Alexandru Dima

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