JaNet – Network Tools: the best networking App for iPhone

JaNet – Network Tools is one of the best and user-friendly application currently available for iPhone and iPod touch by which network administrators as well as smart users can monitor network performance, identify security risks and network troubleshooting, track devices and more, finding useful information readily available to assist them in managing their networks.
JaNet – Network Tools, other than providing classic network utilities like Ping, Traceroute, Whois and DNS lookup, allows users to scan network and ports using specific payloads, identify devices currently running on a network and the related provided services, wake up devices on local or remote networks, gather IP, MAC address and service provider details. For each discovered device, JaNet – Network Tools try to detect the model, the hardware manufacturer, the custom network names and many other information. Using advanced scanning techniques, JaNet – Network Tools is also able to identify hidden devices and machines that are behind a firewall.
JaNet – Network Tools has been developed to make simple the use of all provided tools. On the main home screen, network tools are organized by type. Tapping on one and entering an IP address or an hostname, the selected tool will be immediately launched, getting as much as possible information about the specified target. All operations results and related logs can be easily copied into the device’s clipboard, sent by mail or used by one of the other tools provided by JaNet, simply tapping a button. In this way, consecutive operations on a same device can be performed without re-entering again its IP address or its hostname. JaNet – Network Tools allows users to create collections of favorites devices and services to ease the execution of future operations. For example, custom groups can be created to identify specific types of devices or to identify all devices connected to a specific network. For each custom group, users can specify additional information like name, icon and more. The graphical user interface and the user’s experience are key aspects in JaNet – Network Tools!
JaNet – Network Tools if frequently updated, trying to satisfy the user’s requests like the introduction of new features. The application, in fact, is highly configurable and it has a modular architecture that easily allows to add more features and tools in the future. Finally, JaNet – Network Tools has been developed by IT and network professionals with a more then 20 years of programming and network administration experience.

The detailed list of all features provided by JaNet – Network Tools can be found on the official website.

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