Jow—A new game for Iphone

We made a game  for Iphone which is called “Jow“  . Now it is released in app store . We think it is a very interesting and exquisite game for iphone/itouch. Because of its gameplay,  exquisite graphics and more features, we thinke it could  draw more attention perhaps. So we send this email to you.  It  will take you only a few minutes,   maybe more if it draw your attention XD.  Let’s start.

How To Play:

Before Day-1 ——-the Chaos Day, player control Hoffen to deliver the cup to the customers — the frantic and picky zombies. After drink the  reagent the zombies will be purified, and they will pay for it. Else they will  infect our Hoffen when they reach the end of the table. After three times, game is over.

About operation:
With the touch feature of Iphone, player uses his finger (first finger is recommended) to slide from right to left to deliver the cup. And the speed at which your finger sliding will cause three differet status cup:
Normal  Cup” is at a normal speed, and it brings normal reward.
Quick Cup“    is at a high speed, relatively, it brings fewer reward.
Perfect Cup“  is both high speed (which is a little lower then “Quick Cup”) and the most reward. Of cause it’s hard to make.
About Customers:
There are many different kinds of zombies with different needs in the game.  New kind of customers comes at night, richer but also more picky.

Cups: From the beginning of game, Hoffen has only three available cups. And no matter your delivered cups aren’t catched by customes or the cups returned from the customers are not recoveried will cause the amount of available cups decrease.  But at the time night turns to day, a new available cup will be added.

Days: The game will start at Day-7. And there are both  a daytime and a nighttime every day. New kind of customers comes at night, and one cup will be added when it starts at  daytime.

Secret Items:
The reward which was got in game can not only  be used in Worldwide Learderboard but also unlock the secret items in shop.
New  Dr and more new features will bring new gameplay. And more new kinds of interesting customers will be available in coming updates.

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