July 4th – Independence Day



This coming Sunday, we will celebrate the third anniversary of my 39th birthday – please, no gifts, unless they come in small blue boxes tied with white ribbon.  But more importantly to most, on Saturday we will celebrate the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

In honor of this occasion, the gang at Core Coders Ltd. have created July 4th – Independence Day, a patriotic little application that entertains and informs us on this most American of holidays.

It’s a decent little app about the flag and the history of Independence Day.  There is a waving American flag, that you can wave back and forth by swiping your finger across it.  There’s a fireworks show above a digital Washington Monument.  There’s even the lyrics to and a recording of the Star Spangled Banner – handy if you’ve had too many beers before the ball game to remember the words.  Finally there is a quiz about the Declaration of Independence and the American flag that is fun, but limited. 

The graphics are pretty elementary, but they get the job done.  This application will probably appeal to young kids to tweeners as well as my friend Mike the greatest American history buff I know.  Beyond that, it’s a seasonal hit at best.

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