Juxtaposer Update

Juxtaposer has just gotten some major upgrades and here’s the scoop, directly from developer Hendrik Kueck:

I just wanted to let you know that a major update to my app Juxtaposer just appeared on the App Store.

I added the ability to save multiple sessions (with their complete undo history). Additionally you now can save masked top images as ’stamps’. If you spend a lot of time accurately masking for example somebody’s head, you can later load in the already cut out head and use it in a new session.

I also added the ability to flip the top image left<->right, created a nice new menu system and tweaked a ton of things under the hood. It’d be awesome if you decided to mention this update on your blog.


By the way, if you’re a developer who’s already been reviewed on iPhone App Reviews, please take note… I’m glad to post your updates. They don’t have to be “major”, but they should at least be significant enough that people actually want to read about them!

Updates can also be self-posted at iPhone App Index.

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