Ken Burns Slideshow

What does the Civil War, Baseball and my last night at the local speakeasy have in common?  Ken Burns’ Slideshow effect helped make them better!

The Ken Burns Slidshow by BitWink is actually a cool little app for $3.99.  It equips your iphone with a very iphoto-esque slideshow viewer.  Unlike the built in slideshow, this one comes complete with captions and of course the glorious Ken Burns effect that always impresses your grandmother when you show off your digital pictures to her.

I thought the program was easy to navigate and very straightforward.  The really cool part is you can save your slideshows and basically have “playlists.”  This is great, especially if you use your iphone to display photos and hate flipping through scores of photos you wouldn’t necessarily want to show, like the time you had your photo taken with the roadie from Ratt.  

Two slight nitpicks would be that you can’t “flip” through pictures.  You have to use a forward and backwards buttons.  Also, the captions are limited to 25 characters. 

This program is for anyone who uses their iphone to show off photos on a somewhat regular basis.  It will make your photos look better and make your life a lot easier in organizing slideshows.  It’s also for anyone that loves Ken Burns.  I wouldn’t recommend this program to people who have filled their iphone with pictures of their animals in Halloween outfits.  Nobody wants to see that.  In fact, Ken Burns may come to your house if you use his technology in such a disastrous way.

Overall, I was quite impressed with BitWink’s first iphone app.

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