Kengin Consulting Inc Releases AmsterdamFUN Lite App for iPhone

Toronto, Canada – Announcing that Kengin Consulting Inc., the developers of AmsterdamFUN Lite, has launched a new application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. This app is the lite version of AmsterdamFUN Deluxe, and offers suggestions of fun locations and activities for the visitor to Amsterdam.

For those unfamiliar with the similar looking streets of Amsterdam, the sophisticated mapping tool can be a real time saver. Tourists can consult the map to find out where they are and discover how to get to another location. This feature alone makes AmsterdamFUN Lite a handy traveling tool.

Jacob Kennedy, CEO of Kengin Consulting Inc, says “our app makes a person’s trip to Amsterdam easier & more enjoyable because they no longer have to research or guess where to go for dinner, nightlife, etc. They will already have lots of great suggestions, across a variety of categories, waiting for them in their pocket. The map feature will also make it easy to navigate their way, making for a fun and relaxing day.”

AmsterdamFUN Lite gives its users a small sampling of the suggested local cafés, museums, chill zones, nightlife, snacks, and markets that can be found in the Duluxe version of the app. The lite version is intended to give its users a taste of what the Deluxe app has to offer and then encourages an upgrade to the Deluxe version for significantly more content.

The features of the AmsterdamFUN Lite app include:
* Contains listings for fun places and activities in Amsterdam
* Easily map a route to any listing
* Satellite street view offers a real look at the site being traveled to
* Viewing all listings at once offers category symbols for easy recognition and choice
* All listings are accompanied by a brief description
* App offers a website and phone number link
* Random section offers some fun, hidden features, i.e. tap a window to hear a sound
* Shake or knock on the door to get random list suggestions
* Upgrade to the Deluxe version for 5x’s the content

Users seem impressed as well. AmsterdamFUN has received great comments from people who have downloaded the app and put it through its trials.

More information about AmsterdamFUN can be found at, and the app is available for download in the iTunes app store under the Travel category.

About Kengin Consulting Inc.
Based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Kengin Consulting Inc. provides mobile consulting services, plus iPhone app development and design. The company has been involved in enterprise software development for over ten years and has been doing iPhone development for the last 2 years.

AmsterdamFUN Lite is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

Promo codes for both the Deluxe & Lite versions are available for qualified reviewers.


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Renee Bulgin
Sales & Marketing, Kengin Consulting Inc.

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