KickScreen Movie Trailers

KickScreen Movie Trailers is the very definition of a hybrid app. It looks and acts like Now Playing in the way it displays movie info and plays trailers, but it doesn’t display movie showtimes.

It’s a little like Movies in how it gives info on current movies, upcoming movies, and DVDs in one place, but it doesn’t give access to a whole archive of old movie info. The DVD synopses and trailers are limited to relatively new releases, but hey whatever. Nobody really goes hunting regularly for old movies anyway.

KickScreen also acts a little bit like Dashbuster Free (which I just reviewed 5 seconds ago) in that it lets you mess with your Blockbuster or Netflix queue, but that queue control is limited to adding movies instead of actually managing what’s already there.

It seems like k5Software spent some time examining all the movie-related offerings in the iTunes App Store, looking at what they do right and what they don’t do at all. Nobody’s made a movie app quite like this one, so KickScreen is definitely unique in that respect.

Also in the don’t-do-at-all department they found that nobody (that I know of anyway) gives you full-screen movie poster art, so they built that into KickScreen. Nice.

They also found that nobody lets you scroll through movie selections in that slick iPod-way of scrolling through albums, so they added that, too. This feature is totally, 100% unnecessary… but it’s fun to play with and it looks cool as hell! Just turn your iPhone sideways when browsing titles.

This is all great, but you know what I wish KickScreen would do most of all? EVERYTHING. I want it to give me movie showtimes, and I want it to let me manage my Blockbuster and Netflix queues after adding movies. An archive of old movie info would be great but I could live without it.

I know this is asking a lot for a single app to do, but I can just about guarantee that the first developer to do this (and do it well) will be crowned the King the movie game in the iTunes App Store.

Until that happens, you’ll still have to keep an app around for movie showtimes and watching trailers, another for managing your online DVD queue, and KickScreen for when you want to be able to do a little bit of everything. At $.99 it’s not a bad deal, but I bet the masses would pay a good $8-10 for my imaginary Movie King application.

What would you ask a developer to put into your ultimate movie app? Discuss it here

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