Kimimon: the customizable tamagotchi for iphone and itouch

*Updates every few weeks* (Website) (App Store)

Take care of a virtual pet that grows from baby to adulthood. Kimimons show emotional expressions, make requests for specific actions, and can be fed, given baths, kissed, hugged, petted, disciplined, wear clothes, and even customized to look a certain way once they turn into an adult.

Game Features

- Huge variety: over 500 million possible unique looking Kimimons.

- Unique maps: Grasspatch, Fallscreek, and Fire Mountain.

- Discipline or show many different levels of affection to your Kimimon.

- Nurture and watch it grow and become more distinct with each stage.

- Play the challenging minigame to earn coins.

- Give your Kimimon fun bubble baths and dry it.

- Take snapshots of your Kimimon with the camera.

- Respond to requests to earn points and coins.

- In depth game instructions and tips.

Once you have reached a certain stage you will be able to:

- Receive a daily allowance from the bank.

- Purchase food at the food market to feed your Kimimon.

- Buy medicine for your Kimimon at the pharmacy.

- Purchase and wear clothing.

- Modify the look of your Kimimon using tokens.

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