King’s Game 非洲話事啤 (國王遊戲) : iPhone Party Card Game

King’s Game
This is a funny card guessing game for iPhone.

If you happen to see a bunch of people placing their iphone in front of the forehead, and comes along with lots of laugh, Don’t think they are crazy, they are playing “the king’s game” instead.

The game starts once players placed their iphone in front of the forehead and a playing card would be displayed. the smallest card holder will lose and perform the penalty suggested by the biggest card holder (vice versa). Player can click on the screen to change the card if he is afraid to lose, and he can even change all others’ card later on.

What will be better to play , laugh , publish or being published with friends together?

wait no more! Download it and play with friends now !

* King’s Game is a party game, the minimum players is 3.

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