Kitty Words Lite: word fun for kids!

Kitty Words Lite is a vocabulary game that can be used to improve both English and Chinese. This educational application for the IPad designed and developed by Kitty Pad with the help of primary education experts. This game is targeted at preschoolers and early elementary students. Kids can use Kitty Words Lite to practice and play.

It is an educational game that combines word recognition, vocabulary and spelling in a fun and engaging manner. This game is unique in that it can help with a variety of goals. It can be used by young English speakers to develop confidence with the spelling and vocabulary of their native tongue or as an English as a foreign language tool, for native speakers of any language. It also has Simplified Chinese built in, for English speakers to build familiarity with the language, or for Chinese speakers to practice English.

Kitty Words Lite is a modified version of Kitty Word, and avaialbe for free download in the App Store for $1.99. For a full version with more exciting scenes to explore and sights to be seen, upgrade to the full version.

• Combines English and Chinese words learning in one game
• Fun cartoon animals, interesting scenery and amusing sound effects keep your kids engaged
• Learning mode entertains your child for hours as they navigate through different scenes while learning new words
• Quiz mode helps your child to reinforce what she has learned by rewarding her for correctly associating words with pictures
• Easy navigation to other scenes whenever your child wants to go exploring somewhere else
• Your child can learn and play at their own pace by skipping to other scenes at any time in the game

All of Kitty Pad’s applications work in conjunction with Kitty Pad’s Parent Dashboard—a resource that parents can use to supervise their child’s use of the IPhone and IPad. Parents can monitor their child’s progress in educational games, set time limits for non-educational applications, or block certain applications altogether. Parents can log onto Kitty Pad’s website,, to create and manage a profile for their child’s application use.

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