KYMS – Keep Your Media Safe (and secret)

KYMS (which stands for Keep Your Media Safe) is the new App for iPhone, iPod, iPad by IdeaSolutions, which allows you to create a secret password protected media library.  You can protect your images and videos from prying eyes.

A cool and functioning calculator app will be your secret gateway to your hidden area: you just have to digit your pin code on the calculator keypad to access your private photos and videos! KYMS offers a lot of storage opportunities: you can store both photos and videos from your PC using WiFi technology, from the camera roll of your iDevice, from the Facebook albums of your friends, from internet by using the handy built-in browser.  The built-in browser does not saves any browsing history on your device and allows you to save any displayed image by performing a simple two finger TAP.

The uses of KYMS are endless.   Think about what would happen if you carelessly leave your iDevice unattended or, even worse, in case of loss or theft: anyone can view your private photos and videos.  The could show them to other people.  Or worse- publish them.   With KYMS nobody will access your Media Library without knowing your password.

The app is also able to store any type of image, even technical drawings, and would therefore be a useful tool to protect also your works from prying eyes.  Obviously you must be careful to keep your password in a safe place!

KYMS-  Password protected pictures on the iphone and ipad KYMS- Password protected images for the iPad and iPhone

KYMS - Keep Your Media Safe (and secret) - IdeaSolutions S.r.l.

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