Kyotokei – Polarity Shooter: Console gaming on your iPhone

Microforum’s arcade shoot’em up console hit, Kyotokei – Polarity Shooter, is now also available on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The powerful witch Rika has invaded the peaceful realm of Estaria with an army of monsters! The magic wizard Kyo is the only one who can stop her! Use your powerful aura of protection to absorb the enemy spells and unleash their power all at once! Travel through the dark swamps, cold mountains, dangerous caves full of lava and much more! Face Rika and free Estaria from her menace!
Straight from your videogame console – the critically acclaimed arcade shooter is now in your hand!

From the console version:
“Maybe the closest thing we’ll ever get to Ikaruga 2″ – – 7.5 out of 10
“one of the more enjoyable shooter titles to appear on WiiWare” – – 7 out of 10
“enjoyable, hectic, and fast-paced” – – 3.5 out of 5

Product features:
- highly detailed pixel-art anime graphics
- fast and smooth action at 60 frames per second
- 5 levels with different environments
- 5 huge multi-phase bosses
- 3 difficulty levels
- multiple control system

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