La Koketa Lite: Create Fabulous Outfits For Any Given Occasion

La Koketa Lite combines a digital wardrobe, an outfit creator and a modern go-to stylist in a sleek iPhone app. La Koketa Lite helps you find the perfect outfit for any occasion out of your OWN clothes in no time while having fun! With its eye-catchy icon, beautiful design, intuitive interface and amazing features, La Koketa Lite truly stands out from the hundreds of thousand apps out there.
With La Koketa Lite you can easily upload your clothes on your iPhone and create fabulous outfits for any given occasion. All you have to do is simply take pictures of your clothes with your iPhone and the app automatically recognizes their color and removes the background. Pick a type, style and season, and you are done! Then you can ask La Koketa Lite “What to wear?” by just selecting style, color and season, and the app will assemble for you some great outfit suggestions, fully accessorized and layered with outerwear.

You can also share your style on Facebook and Twitter and get feedback from your friends. Other cool features of La Koketa include an interactive outfit spinner where you can browse all your clothes by category until you find the perfect match, a suitcase that helps you pack all needed clothes for a trip by just selecting season and style, a calendar to plan your outfits for every event on your agenda and a wish list that helps you see how a wish item fits in your closet before you buy it.
La Koketa Lite is a must-have for each trendy girl that wants to look fabulous and in style. It’s very practical, and at the same time fun and easy to use.


La Koketa Lite – Your digital wardrobe and modern go-to stylist - Trendsta Ltd.

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