Laser Dolphin on iPhone

Dingo Games ( is pleased to announce their aquatic hero has arrived for {each|both} iPhone and iPad just in time to save the Prime Minister! When the {globe|world|planet} shakes in terror only {1|one|one particular|a single} mammal can save the day, Laser Dolphin! In a {special|special|exclusive} action-adventure game you {should|must|need to|ought to} battle and swim your way {by means of|by means of|by way of} a {selection|variety|assortment|range} of cute and {hazardous|hazardous|risky} enemies in your quest to save the Prime Minister from alien abduction.

Laser Dolphin {attributes|attributes|capabilities} 50 levels spanning {4|four} worlds to {discover|explore}. {Every|Each|Each and every|Every single} level is packed with {exciting|exciting|intriguing} and {hazardous|hazardous|risky} foes {such as|including|which includes|like} kamikaze turtles loaded with TNT, fish with missile launchers, laser turrets, and birds dropping bombs. As you’d {anticipate|expect}, Laser Dolphin comes with a {couple of|few|handful of} surprises of his {personal|own|very own} {such as|including|which includes|like} missiles, machine guns, and even laser swords!

{As soon as|Once|When|The moment} you have rescued the Prime Minister take Laser Dolphin for a spin in Stunt Mode, {exactly where|where} {you will|you will} have to do back flips, spins, twists, glides, and even jump {by means of|by means of|by way of} hoops. Score points by {undertaking|undertaking|carrying out} {far more|far more|a lot more} {complex|complicated|difficult} tricks, but watch out for the rocks! When you are {completed|finished} there {attempt|try} out Race Mode {exactly where|where} you {should|must|need to|ought to} swim {by means of|by means of|by way of} all the hoops in the allotted time. With Game Center {help|help}, you can compete with your {buddies|buddies|close friends} for the fastest {occasions|times} and {greatest|best|finest|very best} dolphin tricks.

Laser Dolphin {Specifications|Requirements|Needs}:
* Compatible with all models of iPhone and iPod Touch
* {Demands|Requires|Needs|Calls for} iOS {three|3}.{two|2} or later
* 15.{three|3} MB

Laser Dolphin HD {Specifications|Requirements|Needs}:
* Compatible with iPad and iPad {two|2}
* {Demands|Requires|Needs|Calls for} iOS {three|3}.{two|2} or later
* 11.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Laser Dolphin for iPhone is $.99 USD and Laser Dolphin HD for iPad is ${three|3}.99 USD. {Each|Both} versions of Laser Dolphin are {obtainable|available|accessible|offered} {quickly|quickly|right away} {by means of|by means of|by way of} the iOS App {Shop|Store|Retailer}.

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