Lead Qualifier: Create and Share Lead Qualification Summaries in Seconds

Sales persons are very busy people. They are required and motivated to spend every minute of their work time driving leads towards qualification, and deals towards closing. In short, they are too busy to worry about recording and logging information about their sales and prospecting calls to CRM, or even to email.

Introducing Lead Qualifier for iPhone, an app designed exactly with such professionals in mind. It allows sales persons to create and share a lead qualification summary in mere seconds, where such information as whether relevant need, budget and offering match were identified during that first call with the sales lead is automatically recorded and shared. Lead Qualifier integrates with email and with CRM, and is a huge time saver for sales persons on the go.

The Sales Machine blog on BNet recently listed Lead Qualifier as the #1 app in its review of iPhone apps for sales persons. If you’re a sales professional and efficiency is your priority, give Lead Qualifier a try.

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