Learn Blackjack, the Blackjack training tool for beginners to experts

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Do you watch everyone at the Blackjack table laughing, having a great time and driving their Ferraris through the casino, and wish you could join in? Do you sit in the corner crying because you don’t know how to play? Well cry no more, because we’ve developed the perfect app to help you learn Blackjack in just 4 short [units of time]!

Learn Blackjack gives you basic and advanced training in both the rules of Blackjack and betting principles in easy-to-read tutorials. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can move on to the quizzes to test your knowledge! And we don’t just tell you “Right” or “Wrong,” we give you actual explanations for the bets you should make. It’s easier to learn if you know WHY you’re making the decisions you are, and not just memorizing rules.

We also give you cheat sheets for all of the betting scenarios that you can study up on, so when you head out to Vegas to make your fortune you’ll be fully prepared. The house may always win, but hopefully with our training you can sit at the table long enough to get a few drinks under your belt.

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