Learn Clock English: Basic Timekeeping Skills for Children

What is the time? This application enables children to learn the analog clock in a simple and available way.
This software permits the study, practice and internalization of clock reading.

Learning and understanding the clock is an important skill that all children should have, and it is important to understand the basic concepts of time such as minutes, hours, day and night, week, months, and years.

Time has a meaningful importance in our life, and the clock is the tool tool we all use to monitor it. The idea of time is very abstract for children. Learning about time is basic and universal as well as important in any place and any time. The simplest and easiest way to explain it to children is around the daily activities. Understanding the “clock” is meaningful in the development growing and independence of a child. This process includes a lot of commitments, rules, borders and continuations. A child who can control his time will develop independence and responsibility. Calculating the time will enable the child to know when he has to get-up, go to school, get ready to his activities or come back home, go to bed on time and controls his life.


learn clock english - Res Dev Team

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