Learn tibetan on your iPhone

“Enter Tibet” is a software for learning Tibetan.  It includes how to pronounce tibetan the alphabet and how to write all the alphabet. Through learning from this software,you can read and write Tibetan as easy as a pie.
According to the rules of Tibetan pronounciation,this software consists of several parts:

A. Learning Alphabets
1. The Thirty Consonants and Their Pronunciation
2. The Four Vowels and Their Pronunciation
3. Consonants and Vowels.
B. Everyday expressions.
This software is very powerful and functional.You can learn alphabet’s pronounciation and learn the order of writing by touching the alphabet on the screen softly. You can also record your own pronounciation and replay it when you learn each alphabet in order to compare with the authentic one. If you followed all the steps you should be able to pronounce Tibetan like a native speaker.
It’s really a good helper for you travelling in Tibet.
The software we show you here is Chinese version. English version has been released.

Download link:…..20303?mt=8

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