Learn to Spell With HearNSpell

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Does your child have a spelling test every week? Simply type in their words and watch them learn by playing. Each word will be naturally spoken and even used in a sentence!

After they get several words correct they will be rewarded with a fun game. While the purpose of this game is fun, it is also strategically placed to give your child time to process the words they have learned.

HearNSpell teaches kids (even adults!) how to spell using auditory learning. Instead of learning how to spell by moving letters around simply listen, try, and learn from your mistakes. It’s like simulating a spelling bee with ANY words you choose! The learning process used is modeled off of the flash card model of repetition to reinforce the words in memory. The repetition is key when playing this game. As the player misses words, the game will spell each word out and add it to the back of the list for future repetition.

Instructional educators created this application because they saw a need to help students learn how to spell outside of the classroom. Current solutions have the player move letters around or view a picture. This reinforces reading comprehension and not spelling.

Humans communicate and learn through speech. Learning how to spell words through speech reinforces auditory learning and naturally prepares the player spelling tests.

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