Back in February I reviewed Banner Deluxe which currently sells for $1.99 and is a heavy-duty banner app with all kinds of text options and backgrounds and other wacky features.

LEDit is also $1.99 but limits itself to the clunky-yet-classic dot-matrix display that most small LED signs usually sport.

Both apps offer options to control text speed and color, and the one feature that LEDit can call its own is the ability to vibrate after the entire message is displayed. So if Banner Deluxe is so, uh, “deluxe”, why pay the same price for a banner app that does less? Well… maybe that’s all you want.

As banner apps go, I like Banner Deluxe for all the crazy artsy stuff it can do, but it’s not very often that I need to flash colorful messages across a crowded smoke-filled room, plus all that fanciness can get in the way of readability. LEDit is fast and simple, and I was able to read it clearly a full 25 feet away. I would have tried a longer distance, but my crackhouse apartment just isn’t that big.

I’ve only tried two banner apps total and now I don’t really feel the need to try any more! I have a hard time imagining any other banner apps that do a better job of mimicking the real thing, so if you’re looking for an iPhone banner that’s readable and can be executed quickly, LEDit will do the trick. It does feel a little overpriced at $1.99, but if you’re reading this post at the right time you can get it for free because Wessley Roche is awesome! And if you miss out but still want LEDit, at least you know you’re paying for a good, functional app.

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