I’m a fan of postcards.  I collect antique postcards from places I’ve lived, and I still send postcards to friends and family when I travel, especially if I can find one that is either really beautiful or really corny.   So I like the idea of being able to create a postcard-type image and email it from my iPhone to people.  That way I can take a crisp picture of something beautiful or corny in my travels and send it while I’m still standing in front of said beautiful or corny thing, complete with personalized message (i.e. “the weather is here, wish you were beautiful.”). 

Lifecards from Vivid Apps offers all the promise of creating electronic postcards, with none of the joy of easily creating and sending something you’d be proud of. 

There are 20 nice backgrounds and several different layouts to choose from.  You can import a picture from your photos and resize it, rotate it, and position it easily.  But that’s where the ease stops.  Choose the text box on the template to add your text, type in what you want, then use the tools to change the color of the font or resize it.  Maybe.  Sometimes it takes you back to the text entry screen, no matter how many times you choose the tool for font color or size, sometimes you can size the text, sometimes you can’t.  It’s as buggy as my garage in mid-summer.  Save the image and come back later to edit it?  Forget it.  You might as well start again.  You can’t choose a new image, and the text editing bugs are still there in all their defective glory. 

After you create your card, you can save it to your image library, and then, of course, email it from there or use it as wallpaper.  But the resolution of the photographs is somehow degraded in the translation to a Lifecard, and then one of the great things about the iPhone camera – it’s resolution – is lost. 

I checked the developer website for signs of a new release – this is version 1.0, after all – but there was no clue that an update was coming.  That being the case, I’d definitely recommend holding on to your $2.99 until they work out the bugs.   If I was Vivid Apps, I’d make this free until I got this stuff worked out.  It’s got a lot of promise, but it’s just not usable in its current version.  Close, but no cigar.

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