Like Us! app for small businesses

Got a great product, service or people but find it hard to get any leverage on Facebook?

Well we have the solution for you! Our first of its kind iPhone/iPad app allows you to easily get your customers to “like” your Facebook page right there in the store or anywhere you are.

Its easiest to explain with an example. Lily owns a hairdressing salon. After she has finished cutting or styling each customers hair whilst they are paying for her service she simply whips out her iPad and presents the customers with a big like us button. The customer clicks the “like” button and optionally “checks in” at Lily’s salon. That “like” is automatically added to Lily’s salons Facebook page so she now can connect with that customer again via a status update at any time. She can now use that connection for specials during slow weeks for example.

It’s perfect for service type businesses such as, call at home tradesman such as electricians, plumbers, builders or ‘one on one’ instructional services like yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, massage therapists or even restaurants and retail shops that have great service or people, Ok really it’s perfect for any businesses that have a Facebook page that needs more traffic.

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