Lingoloons – a brand new word game

Klevgr√§nd produktion recently released Lingoloons – a beatiful well polished word-game where the player create words out of letters in a pretty unique way and we would really appreciate a review from you. If you also are interested in trying out the Mac version, send me an email and you’ll get promo codes (iOS version is free).


The letters are floating about in bubbles to build words – the more letters they contain – the longer the user kan play. Words with three letters or fewer cut back on lifeline. Words with four letters keep it steady, and words with five letters or more increase the lifeline and gives more chances to gather points.

There are two kinds of gameplay – Classic mode (as described above) and Arcade mode in witch you also compete with time while putting words together.

Some features:

* Supported word database languages in this version are English and Swedish.
* Retina support
* Game Center integration
* Adaptive live-recorded music
* iOS version is free but contain ads. Ads can be removed by In App Purchase ($.99)



Gameplay video:

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