LinkDots: a challenge for your mind

An Ancient Egyptian puzzle comes to life with LinkDots.

The origin of geometry in Pharaonic cultures was based on drawing lines to connect the stars in the sky.

From these lines emerged accurate and precise calculations, among other achievements, was the secret of logical reasoning of the ancient leaders.

Trace your route with LinkDots! And challenge the logic of the gods

Connect Dots has never been so fun … Your mind will never rest on such an addictive deployment of shapes and strategies, while blocking your opponent’s efforts to win.

The fastest and most agile mind wins… LINKDOTS allows up to 4 players at once in its full version. Just choose your opponents, friends or machines on the same board. Compare your scores through the Game Center and OpenFeint.

It is not tic tac toe, connect four or Minesweeper, the old time classic games that have granted us such great moments. LINKDOTS goes further than that. You earn points depending on the complexity of your figures.

LINKDOTS has no age. It is stimulating logical and fun for everyone. A mental challenge, perfect for any place and time, play alone or with other players, excitement guaranteed.

YUMIWI SL is a company created in 2009 that has developed online digital projects, social networking and other Online applications for business use.
It is now starting as a developer of mobile applications, their first release is LINKDOTS and are also developing a strategy game called SIXTILUS, children’s games “Learn with KaKu”, and other entertainment games such as RAIN DROPS.


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