Little Sleep Helper (S.W.Pro) – relax and/or sleep quickly !

Want to bring your Baby, child or yourself to sleep?!
This app will get you in Dreamland or just relaxing.
13 premium sounds will do it.

The Sounds are specially choosed for soothing and sleeping .
This app uses the iPhone to play the sounds in high digital quality.We have also a built in timer for stopping sounds automatically. if you want to relax and want to have an easy to use app, just download our App.

* easy to use app
* relaxing and soothing nature sounds (and various other sounds)
* 13 high quality Sounds
* sounds like “rain” and “at the sea” or “heartbeat” (especially for babys)
* built-in Timer for automatic stop of playing
* Volume Control for every Sound

Buy this app and get to sleep quickly!
Get it here

App name: S.W. Pro (Well Sleeping Pro)
Release Date: Jun 23th
Category: Lifestyle
App page:
Link to App Store:

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