Live Effects for the iPhone 3GS released.

Live Effects is a live camera effects generator! (requires iPhone 3GS with camera.)  Link to App in iTunes Store

Live Effects utilizes the live camera input to create stunning transformations to the world you see. The effects happen live as you use your camera, not later after you’ve taken an image! You can snap photos with effects already applied and save them to your photo album.

Live Effects contains the following live, realtime effects:

  • Vertical Mirror
  • Basic Kaleidoscope (four-way mirror)
  • Complex Kaleidoscope
  • Bubble
  • Pinch
  • Swirl
  • ZigZag

Also includes the “Living Puzzle” mini-game – an additive puzzle that uses the live camera as the puzzle pieces. The “Living Puzzle” scrambles your camera input, and your job is to put it back together again. The canvas you are trying to put back together is constantly changing!

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