Loan Shark

Loan shark is a gorgeous loan calculation app with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. From the loan calculator, you can calculate cash, credit, house and car loans. Each category comes with special fields for the various loan types.

Opening the app, you can start calculating a loan right away. Simply fill in all of the fields you can and the app will do the rest. For example, if you know how much you want to borrow, the interest rate, and how much you can pay each month, the app will calculate how many months it’ll take to pay the loan off. Each of the fields can work off of the rest. The app also includes a handy amortization table with an optional start date.

Loan scenarios can be saved to look at later, or you can use the compare feature to look at your various options.

Loan shark can also find nearby banks with options to call or map their location.

The good: Gorgeous app. Calculates cash, house, car, and credit card loans. Auto-complete feature for blank fields. Amortization tables. Loans can be saved and compared. Includes a nearby bank search.

The bad: Couldn’t find any negatives…

The Bottom line: Loan Shark is a fantastic application! It’s absolutely gorgeous and insanely useful for planning loans of all kinds. I personally calculated and compared car loan options with it and couldn’t be happier. Loan Shark is a must have for anyone shopping around for loans.

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