Lone iPhone Developer Competes Head to Head with Household Names on the iPhone

WordCrasher breaks into the top 5 iPhone word games in first two weeks of sale to show that App Store success is still possible for the independent developer.

WordCrasher, a new game for iPhone™ and iPod® Touch, broke into the top five of the iPhone “Word Games” category within two weeks of release in the UK and Canada, and currently sits at 6 in the US charts.  Launched in mid-January, WordCrasher was created by a single developer working from home, with no publisher or marketing budget.  The game joins household names such as Scrabble® and Boggle® in the top five.

“Competing with multinational corporations such as Electronic Arts and Hasbro is a daunting task for the independent developer,” says Edinburgh-based Kevin Ng, creator of WordCrasher, and ex-employee of Electronic Arts.  “These companies have huge marketing departments and are able to use established brand names such as Scrabble to help their sales.”

However, being a small independent developer holds certain advantages, Kevin Ng argues.  “Without complex management structures, corporate politics and endless focus group testing, small developers can create games with a strong and singular vision.  The most creative and original games on the iPhone are those written by independent developers.”

The App Store, an online marketplace created by Apple to sell small games and applications known as Apps to users of its iPhone and iPod touch devices, has grown rapidly since its launch in July 2008.  Now host to over 100 000 apps, the App Store today is a highly competitive environment which the larger companies are starting to dominate.  “It is true that the App Store is no longer the gold rush it was just a few months back”, says Kevin Ng.  “However, WordCrasher and other small games such as Doodle Jump and Paper Toss show that success is still within reach for the independent developer.”

About WordCrasher

WordCrasher is a word game for the iPhone designed for people of all abilities and experience.  Touch the letters in sequence to form words, clearing the letters from the screen in the process.  If the letters reach the top of the screen, the game is over.  WordCrasher is available to purchase from the App Store.  More details and a trailer video can be found at

About Kevin Ng

Kevin Ng is an independent video game developer based in Edinburgh, UK with over 12 years of professional experience, developing for companies such as Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games and Microsoft.  Previous titles include ”Skate” (Xbox 360), ”Bully” (PS2) and ”Starlancer” (PC and Dreamcast).


Kevin Ng



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