Loops 1.1 from Underscore Apps

SHEFFIELD, England — Underscore Apps today announced the release of Loops 1.1, the iPhone app designed with practising musicians in mind. While a large number of looping apps exist for the iPod Touch and iPhone platforms, most come prepackaged with stock samples and are intended purely more music creation. Loops is different.

Loops is one of the few looping apps that makes use of tracks from the user’s iPod music library. In the common situation where a musician is playing along with their iPhone but wants to repeat a section for practice, you would typically have to keep scrubbing back to the desired point in the track. With Loops, simply set a start and end point, hit the Loop button, and you’re all set.

Nail down those tricky solos or simply marvel at your idols’ skills, then save your loops to reuse in your next practice session – you can even name your loops so you don’t have to remember exactly which section is which, then quickly pick up where you left off with the handy loop picker.

Easy to use, with a clean and simple interface, Loops is a must have for any bedroom musician.

Loop sections of any length from any music track in iPod music library
Quick and easy loop setup
Save and name loops
Select from your iPod library, or from a list of Looped tracks
Quick open for last played iPod track

Pricing and Availability
Loops is available for £1.79 ($2.99/EU2.39) from the App Store at

Additional Information
For further information and screenshots, visit


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