Lose Your Marbles

Lose Your Marbles is one of those games where you start off with a board that has one empty spot and you have to jump pieces over each other to remove them until there’s only one piece remaining. If that didn’t make any sense, here’s another way to say it: it’s a slightly fancier and way more difficult version of PegJump.

According to Mark Fitzpatrick’s iTunes description this game has been around for a good 300+ years, and Lose Your Marbles is set up in such a way that it just might take you that long to master it. Games like PegJump simply require that you jump around the board until only one piece remains, but this game wants you to jump marbles over each other until only one remains in a specific spot on the board. Ouch! And therein lies the reason it’s called Lose Your Marbles. I don’t have too many marbles to begin with, so suffice it to say that I didn’t even come close to completing a single puzzle.

Unlike more traditional versions of the game, this app lets you undo your moves which is great but it’s still really freakin’ hard. It also lets you watch a replay of your game when you’re done and, since the game is completely devoid of any sound effects, there’s zero chance of it interfering with your iPod music. Aside from undo, the game’s best feature is probably the four different game boards that are included. If one kicks your ass, move on to another! And if they all kick your ass (like they did mine), then I guess you’ll just have to accept that you’re just too stupid for this kind of puzzle.

Overall I’m fairly underwhelmed by the production values in this game… no sound and the graphics are very *blah*… but none of that should matter much to hardcore puzzle freaks who would happily fork over a buck for the chance to conquer Lose Your Marbles. Everyone else, though, might want to try the free PegJump to see how much you like this kind of game before paying for a more sadistic version of it.

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