Love Story for Girl: The Magic of Love in an iPhone App

Love Story is a fashionable lifestyle app, which tells the secrets of your constellation, animal sign and fate of love. You can write down the love story of your own in the Love Story. There is also magic of love, which encourages you to be much more adorable and attractive when you are being with your prince.

* Birth, constellation and animal sign
Input your birthday and click on the images of your constellation and animal sign. Let’s begin a journey of discovery of your destiny.
— Bump with your boy —
Bump with him! The destiny draws you and him together!

* Be a princess
Write down the little sweet drop of your love day by day. The length of a piece of Easy Tip is 75-chracter.
Record the changes of your period every month. Be nice to your hot body!
— Bump with your boy —
Buy ‘Love Story for Boy’ as a gift for your boy.
Bump with him! Give him a chance to take good care of you in those special days every month! You are the only and the most beautiful flower nursed by him!

* Be a hot girl
Listen to the magic sound of love, and experience the different pleasure with your boy!

### Little Tips ###
1. how to clear password
enter the password setting page, don’t input any character, and click ‘Next’ on the keyboard.

2. how to recover if forget password
First, connect your iPhone to your computer, then export and backup your Love Story data with iTunes.
Second, delete and re-install Love Story on iPhone.
Finally, copy your backup data to your Love Story on iPhone with iTunes.

Note: you will lose some settings after recovery.

### What is ‘bump’ ###
See more details about ‘bump’:

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Love Story for Girl - Kevin Fingster

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