LuckyWheel Code Giveaway 1-10

The folks at LuckyWheel have an update that’s gonna hit the App Store any minute now, so they’ve sent over a TON of free codes to share with the iPhone App Reviews audience!

There are 40 codes in all, and I’m going to break them up into 4 different posts in an effort to minimize the difficulty in finding codes that you can redeem successfully. It would still be super nice if everyone could leave a comment saying which code you took! Don’t gotta be fancy or clever, just say which number code you used. Please?

If you’ve never heard of LuckyWheel, I reviewed it a couple months ago… it’s a lot like Wheel of Fortune. It doesn’t have the same gloss as Wheel, but it’s still pretty fun and it features pass-n-play for when you’re with friends (something Wheel lacks).

Thanks a bunch to for sharing the codes!! And for those of you who miss out on this code extravaganza, the game’s only $1 so buying it won’t break the bank.

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