Lulla Pacifier: iPhone App to help your baby sleep

Baby has colic or won’t sleep through the night? Lulla Pacifier is recognized all over the world for providing infants with pure baby white noise sound that’s been specially recorded and mixed for your baby’s sensitive hearing.

The use of white noise as soothing sounds is a common way to calm babies and infants, especially babies with colic. The sounds help the baby to calm down and the result is often that the baby stops crying and goes to sleep.

Whether it’s our classic white noise sound softened just for babies, or the smoothened sound of a vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, ocean waves, electric fan hum or other sounds proven to create white noise, each white noise sound will help calm crying or fussy babies, ease infant colic or soothe baby to sleep through the night. What makes things even better is our app provides convenient time control and volume adjusting features that are so flexible that you and your baby will love!

Please be aware that all of the sound files are unique. Even if we have 2 sound files for vacuum cleaners they produce 2 different white noises as they come from different sources. If one of the files does not calm your baby then maybe another will!

Listen to our white noise sound samples on our website:, you’ll then understand why our ever-growing worldwide base of new and repeat customers rave about our highly-effective, calming white noise sounds being the best for babies.

Lulla Pacifier also has a Tips page which provides numerous tips on calming crying babies with methods other than white noise.

Lulla Pacifier includes the following white noise sounds:

  • Boiling Water
  • Brewing Coffee
  • Dryer
  • Fan 1
  • Fan 2
  • Keyboard Typing
  • Raindrop 1
  • Raindrop 2
  • Vacuum Clean 1
  • Vacuum Cleaner 2
  • Washer 1
  • Washer 2

Please check our support site for theories behind Lulla Pacifier and other Lulla applications on iPhone.,php/LullaPacifier

Developed with love and care…


Compatible with iPhone 3G/3G S and iPod Touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or Later.

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