Lürzer’s Archive: The world’s most stolen advertising magazine

Lürzer’s Archive, the world’s most stolen advertising magazine, has just launched the long-awaited iPhone app to keep on showcasing the very best of advertising not only in our magazine and on our website but also on the iPhone and – soon- the iPad.
We shall be bringing more than 160 issues of pure creativity, more than 50,000 outstanding print campaigns, and over 8,000 full-screen spots in first rate HD quality to your iPhone.

We’ve spent more than one year polishing and perfecting our app and we are proud of its features. Although one can access all the editorial content from the past 27 years, the application is less than 2 MB. Loading speed is adapted for the iPhone, giving you a new shiny search engine that delivers better results. We learn from our readers’ feedback and have also included easy-to-access tutorials. For offline browsing, one can choose to download only the desire content to the device and enjoy it at full speed.

The most amazing thing about this, however, is the price: it is completely free! The whole Archive is available for the Lürzer’s Archive Online Subscribers as well!


iTunes Link

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