Lux Touch

I’m totally hooked on Lux Touch! Today alone I’ve probably spent about 3 hours playing it, and even though I keep winning it’s hard to put down.

If you’ve never played the boardgame Risk, it’s all about world domination. You start with a random allocation of countries that are usually spread out all over the place, and the winner is whoever can gain control of the entire world map.

Sillysoft Games has created an awesome Risk-like game for the iPhone that pits you against four semi-intelligent computer players. It moves way faster than a traditional game of Risk… THANK GOD… so you can play a complete game in 10-15 minutes instead of the 50 years that the boardgame usually takes. The rules are mostly the same, but even so you should probably check out Sillysoft’s Lux Touch Game Instructions.

Understanding how to win at Lux Touch might seem hard at first for true rookies, but once you catch on it’s really easy to play. The computer players must have spanked me a good 20 times before I actually read the how-to guide and started winning pretty consistently.

If nothing else, just remember that the best paths to victory are to make sure you’re the one who deals the deathblow to weaker players, and try to maintain control of entire continents. Nothing sucks more in this game than taking over all but one of an opponent’s countries and then watching as one of the other computer players vultures the last one.

Lux Touch has good graphics and sound but doesn’t have any real “features” to speak of. For the most part it doesn’t really matter, but one thing it kind of needs is a reset button. If you happen to get your ass whipped early in the game you wind up having to either exit and restart the game or just sit and watch the computers duke it out.

Sillysoft is aware of all the other things that could make this type of game even greater than it already is (ie: multiplayer, different maps, high score board), and I know this because they built those functions into a full-on desktop version of this game called Lux Delux which goes for $24.95. Lux Touch is a clever little ploy to upsell you on the desktop game but, even so, this game rules. It’s addictive, it’s free, and nerds who like Risk are gonna love this app to death.

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