Lyra Languages presents Lyra Russian: learn Russian on the iPhone

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Lyra Language
s Russian is new, innovative software designed to help you learn Russian quickly, accelerating your learning with a series of fun yet comprehensive quizzes covering both grammar and vocabulary.

Designed for those who want to speak fluent Russian, Lyra Languages Russian doesn’t waste your time with obscure words you’ll never use. Instead, Lyra Languages Russian teaches you the 2,000 most common words, as used every day on the streets of Russia.

Lyra Languages understands that learning definitions is only the first step – you must also learn how to use the words properly. For example, did you know that the Russian word for head (голова) comes in 9 different forms? In the singular, these are: голова, голову, головы, голове and головой; and in the plural: головы, голов, головам, головами and головах.

Most iPhone language apps only teach you one form of each word. Lyra Languages Russian will teach you all you need to know about using the verbs, nouns and adjectives in our dictionary correctly, completely demystifying verb conjugation and the infamous Russian case system.

The FREE edition of Lyra Languages Russian lets you use all the features of the full version, with no time limit. Upgrade to receive access to all 2,000 words.

- All our quizzes use only words from the 2,000 MOST COMMON WORDS in the Russian language, as defined by our frequency dictionary. Our quizzes take you through the easiest words first, and harder words later.
- Learn VOCABULARY with our Vocabulary Quiz, teaching you words and their definitions. Choose Russian-English or English-Russian, turn Multiple Choice on or switch it off for a more challenging quiz.
- The stressed syllable is indicated for all words, to enable correct PRONUNCIATION.
- Learn VERB CONJUGATION, NOUN DECLENSION and ADJECTIVE DECLENSION with our Grammar Quiz. Covers past, present and future tense. Learn all six cases in the Russian case system.
- DICTIONARY featuring definitions, aspect of verbs, gender of nouns, full conjugation/declension information and other information you’ll need to know.
- FREE UPGRADES – Exciting new features planned for future releases. You won’t be charged another cent over the lifetime of the application.

A knowledge of Cyrillic is necessary to enjoy Lyra Languages Russian to its full potential.

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