MagicPad is a rich-text editor for the iPhone. Using this application, users can highlight text, embolden/ italicize/ underline, change the font size and even text color.

To start off, one can either open a new note or view one of the training notes. Each training note shows a different facet of the application, and the learning curve is shallow. Users double-tap to highlight text, and there are options above the keyboard for changing font, color and style.

A cool function is that you can e-mail these notes immediately. This is obviously convenient because the normal e-mail app doesn’t have rich-text editing like this. One particularly strange function of this application occurs when you go to send Rich-Text notes. Rich-Text notes are sent via a proxy server, and therefore you are required to not only say who the note is going to, but who the note is coming from. This wouldn’t be too bad of a thing until you realize that you can assume the identity of any person on the internet. On the other hand, Plain-Text notes are immediately sent to your e-mail application, so there’s no tricky business there.

Pros: Copy/ Paste functionality, smooth interface

Cons: Highlighting can be precise but it takes a bit of practice; sort of illegal

Bottom Line: This application succeeds in creating an environment for rich-text editing which, really, was a long time coming. I don’t honestly think that it’s worth $3.99, but if you’re really hankering for copy/ paste for your iPhone (even if it’s restricted to the app), then dive in.

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