Mail Templates: Quickly send e-mails with the iPhone and iPad today announced the release of their new iOS app ‘Mail Templates’. The app is a utility aimed at people who repeatedly send the same e-mail. It allows the user to save up to 10 different templates, which can be sent instantly from within the app.

Upon launching ‘Mail Templates’, the user can create templates for e-mail messages, which include a predefined subject line, message body and of course recipient(s). He can then just tap one of the templates in the main screen to send them out – it’s that simple. As a bonus feature, the user can choose how he wants to send the message. The standard option would be to send it directly via iOS’ built-in Mail app. However, it’s also possible to send the message via a web-server, which doesn’t even require an e-mail account. For example if the user wanted to send the e-mail from an account that is not currently installed on the iOS device, he can just enter this e-mail address and that’s what the recipient will see!

The goal when designing the interface and the app in general, was to keep it as simple as possible while providing a powerful app that is easy to use for everyone. It also includes a guided tour for new users, explaining to them how to use the app. All graphics and the icon have been polished for the retina-display, so the app is ready for the new iPhone 4 and the brand-new iPod Touch devices. It is also optimized for the iPad and runs on all current iOS devices.

The app is now available for 0.99$ in the U.S. app store and is priced accordingly in other regions. There is also a ‘Lite’ version, which is available for free. The ‘Lite’ version allows the user to try out the app before he buys the full version, and is limited to save one template, instead of 10. is a small company based in Switzerland and founded in 2010, specializing in mobile applications and websites for medium-sized enterprises.

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