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Major Dczion (Major Decision) is an app for helping high school and first college students select their career.  Over 45% of college students drop out.  Why?  Almost half of college dropouts report that their classes were not interesting.  Major Dczion, from CaerusPoint,  aims to improve those numbers be helping students select the right career before they become a statistic.   If this app can even prompt a discussion or widen the horizons of a young adult it’s money well spent.

Major Dczion has compiled a set of great videos to help students learn more about their prospective careers.  The videos are not boring guidance counselor videos that your young adult will have trouble sitting through.  They are entertaining, funny, and educational.  Each video features a fun interaction between the hosts discussing the possible careers in a certain category, then a great interview with someone in the selected career, and a final wrap up with the hosts.  During the interview, they cover a wide variety of questions ranging from a description of a typical workday to diversity of work location and several topics in between.  They even cover work-life balance and lifestyle for the career.   In addition to the interview, the videos also shadow the person to show their work environment during a typical work day.

Major Dczion covers careers in Life Sciences, Legal, Engineering,  Business/Management, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Travel and Leisure, Financial Services, Education and Training and Art and Entertainment. 

In addition to the featured career videos, Major Dczion also includes scores for a ranking system of  “Essential Decision Points”  and “Basic Decision Points”. 

The Essential Decision Points include scores for Job Satisfaction, Work-life balance, Earning Potential, Career Prospects, and Longevity and demand. 

The Basic Decision Points include Years of Study/Training, Hours per day, Social Contribution, Transition ability, Level of Globalization, Green Impact, Creativity of the Job, Diversity of Work Location, Networking, and Working Conditions. 

Finally, Major Dczion includes a display showing how each featured careers fits into a hierarchy of careers.  For example, a Mechanical Engineer is 1 of 6 careers inside 10 different engineering disciplines. 

If you or a loved one has a major career decision to make, Major Dczion is an app for you to check out. 

Check out Major Dczion on the web for more information and a great 5 minute trailer:

Major Dczion app review (2) Major Dczion app review


Major Dczion - CaerusPoint LLC

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