Manage any kind of Collections on your iPhone

With “Collection” you can create any kind of collection (stamps, movies, trading cards game, butterfly and even girlfriends!) and always keep them with you.

First you give a name to your collection. Then you create Categories for it. A category has a name, can have a default value and is of type Text, Number or Image.

For instance for a Pokemon collection, you can create a category for the HP of the card, the type of the card, the name of the deck it belongs to, the photo of the card, the rarity… Define whatever category you want and you can add more categories even after you have started to add some items in your collection.

When you add an item to your collection, you can reuse a previously entered value for a category so you don’t have to enter the same value several times. Also if you define a default value for the category, it will be automatically set to the new items of the collection.

When you explore your collection, you can sort the items by category. They will be grouped together under the same category value. That’s very useful.

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