MapRecord : A Event Data Record(EDR) software on iPhone/iPad

MapRecord is a video capture software with map tagged supported.

You can take and replay the recording video in this software, and meanwhile you can have a map to show where you are.

Like a map tagged photo, now, you can have a map tagged video.

Show your video to your friends, family, lover or even customers, and with this MapRecord, they can also know WHERE you are.

We also these COOL features :

* Show the Map and Video on the same time.
* Tap to change between MapView and VideoView.
* Newest and High Quality Online Map.(need the network for fetching map data)
* Auto Restart Video Recording after answering the phone or receiving the messages.
* Change the Video resolution by your choice.
* Open the flash light or not with just one click on the main screen.
* Take the Video with vivid sound or mute also one click on the main screen.
* Change the Video focus type between continus auto focus and single tap screen focus.
* Wildly globally support.(Map Data is globally, and Multi-Language for English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanse.)

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