Media ART HD: Change the iPad in to a Digital Art Gallery

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Ideatory Inc. today announced that they are releasing a new type of media app for iPad. This app will change iPad into a digital moving picture frame to enjoy media artworks in house. This app, Media ART HD, has quite easy to use functionsthat can play artworks in digitalized moving masterpieces. Other apps for art on apple’s appstore are to view just ‘STILL’ (just for viewing still photos) photos of masterpieces. Whereas, with Media ART HD you can play and enjoy timeless masterpieces in the form of moving pictures just like(a movie.

“Media ART HD will make your life more enjoyable through art. Normally people go to museums or galleries to enjoy paintings, sculptures and other art exhibits. However with Media ART HD, you can relax and enjoy art any place you wish if you have iPad,” said CEO of ideatory. The genre of media art is made with digital technology; it is a great fit to mobile device.

Leenam Lee, media artist, has recreated old paintings with new media technologies, including music and animation. Also he wishes to search for mutual understanding and communication from both eastern and western culture.

“Kyumjea(old painter in Korea) and Monet is fantastically expressed in cross comparison with Cezanne’s Mont Sainte- victoire since there are many consistent images between  Kyumjea’s Sansudo and Cezanne’s Mont. Like this as such, with paintings we can communicate in our minds regardless of the difference in culture,” said Lee.

The value of Media ART HD is not just the functionality itself but also the contents in it. It gives you peace and comfort as same old paintings did as the old still paintings do. But at the same time it will give you a an altogether new experience of digital art (media art) with iPad.

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