Meeting Recorder: Meeting Organizer, Mintues-Taking and Transcription Tool for IPAD

“Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.” -John Kenneth Galbraith

Most meetings are wasting time because they are not well prepared, not well organized, and not well followed up, but yours don’t have to be! Meeting Recorder helps to turn your time-wasting meetings into effective ones.

Meeting Recorder is more than an audio bookmarking app. It is also a meeting organizer, a note taker, and a transcription tool for meetings of any kind. No matter your are a manager, secretary, journalist, consulting professional, researcher or student, Meeting Recorder helps you to prepare and conduct your meetings, interviews, lectures and seminars more efficiently at every stage:

Meeting Preparation
* Organize meeting by projects
* Arrange multiple meetings in a project
* Add meeting agenda or interview guides
* Mark meeting attendants or guests by seating plan or by name list

Audio Recording & Note Taking
* Synchronized audio recording and notes
* Start, pause, and non-stop audio recording
* Tag the speakers by the seating plan or name list
* Insert custom and multiple tags in notes during or after the meeting

Note Editing & Filtering
* Edit notes while playback
* Use time tags to navigate audio playback
* Filter notes by attendant, by agenda item, or by custom tags in a meeting or across meetings in a project
* Email entire text notes or filtered notes

Meeting Recorder supports external keyboard and microphone. It is also capable of recording long meetings. It has been tested for a recording of 35 hours!

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