MemoryInfo w Free Memory

Up next is MemoryInfo w Free Memory from the timely-named Recession Apps.  This app really has 1 core function; fortunately it’s a great one: it can dynamically free up memory on your iPhone so you can avoid having to reboot it all the time just to accomplish the same thing.  You just push the ‘Free Memory’ button and you’re off to the races; simple and very effective.  As a great bonus the app gives you a good deal of other data too, though it’s informational only and not interactive (due to SDK restrictions):
  • Free/Inactive/Active/Wired memory
  • Running process Info
  • Battery info, advertised as being actually more accurate than the icon in iPhone status bar
What’s the difference between all the memory types?  Pretty simple actually:
  • Free memory is just that, available memory for running any new app
  • Inactive memory was in use by an app/process but is not needed right away
  • Active memory is currently in use by an app/process
  • Wired memory is in use by the OS and cannot be allocated otherwise
This app is highly functional already but all it needs now is a section displaying a local storage breakdown similar to iTunes and it’ll easily be the best deal going in this category.
If you don’t have a utility like this on your iPhone you should get one asap as it’s an essential tool.  I happily recommend you choose MemoryInfo specifically from the bunch as I feel it offers the necessary functionality and then some while asking only a dollar in exchange.
Note 1 oddity is that Recession currently has another app for sale called Free Memory 1.4 which appears to have exactly the same function as MemoryInfo and costs the same.  On closer inspection it would appear that MemoryInfo effectively is Free Memory but the author had to repackage it due to a snafu with Apple taking forever to approve a new version of Free Memory.  Dev if you’re reading please feel free to leave a comment that clears up the difference if other than what I’ve stated above.
Version reviewed – 1.0
Reviewed on – iPhone 3G 8GB 2.2.1

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