MeterRead™ (Go Green, Save Green!)

When zerogate asked me to review MeterRead™ I was kinda like… uhhh do I have to? Recording the numbers on my electric meter didn’t sound fun or exciting, but I gave in to my curiosity and tried it out.

I was right, it wasn’t fun and it was far from exciting. I did, however, get a pretty good picture of how much juice it takes to heat my two bedroom apartment!

MeterRead asks you to do only one thing which is to set the dials to whatever your electricity meter says. You’ll have to start by setting all five dials but, after that, you should only have to adjust a couple of dials each time you want to get an updated look at your power usage.

The best part of MeterRead is that it does some math every time you update the meter. It tells you how much power you used and how long it took to use it, average watt load (whatever the hell that is), and an estimate of how many kilowatt hours you’ll use over the next 30 days at that pace.

The dials on MeterRead are nice and easy to set, but the presentation of the data definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s readable, but I’d love it if a future update would do a better job of separating the meter intervals and organizing the information.

Overall I like this app, unsexy as it may be. With energy companies robbing us blind, the planet being totally screwed, and winter getting ready to kick us in the nuts, I think it makes sense to spend $.99 in the name of understanding, and hopefully reducing, your power consumption.

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