Metronome Plus | Best in Class Metronome App for iOS

Metronome Plus {provides|offers} a beautifully {easy|simple} layout, {extremely|incredibly} accurate metronome engine, and robust feature set contained in an {easy|simple} to access drop down menu. {Produced|Created} by {expert|professional} designers and developers under the guidance of {expert|professional} musicians- this is the {kind|type} of metronome app we’ve {usually|always} wanted!

Why Metronome Plus?

Elegant Interface- We went {via|through} {3|three} {expert|professional} {style|design} teams to hit upon the user interface for this app. We {believe|think} {it’s|it’s} the {greatest|best} in the app store. {Easy|Simple} to access buttons, swipe to open the menu panel where all settings can be changed with a single tap.

{Stunning|Beautiful} Digital Pendulum Animation- Our take on the {conventional|traditional} pendulum motion {discovered|found} on {numerous|many} metronomes. The animation is fluid, accurate and {extremely|very} {easy|simple} to follow- even in silent mode!

{Expert|Professional} Sound {Style|Design}- Our sounds have been professionally {produced|created} and optimised to be as loud and clear as {feasible|possible} when playing {via|through} the built in speakers of your iOS device.

Accurate Metronome Engine- The sound engine interfaces directly with low level API’s to give you the most accurate time {feasible|possible} on iOS. No other metronomes on the app store surpass our accuracy.

Robust Feature Set- Customize accents, meters, subdivisions and sounds.

Drop Down Menu Tab- {Easy|Simple} tap or swipe to reveal the menu bar. From here you can set all functions with a single tap.

Commitment- We have tons of {extra|additional} {functions|features} planned for this app and are committed to releasing them in a series of {normal|regular} updates.

{Functions|Features} at a glance

%u2605Retina display graphics
%u2605Sleek and {easy|simple} {style|design} with ergonomic touch interface
%u2605Beautiful digital pendulum animation
%u2605Four distinctive sound sets
%u2605Sounds are {amongst|among} the loudest {feasible|possible} on iOS
%u2605Realistic Tempo Scroll Wheel
%u2605Tempo range from 30-300
%u2605Screen lock
%u2605Incredibly accurate metronome engine
%u2605Drop down menu where you can {alter|change} all settings with a single touch
%u2605Meter- 8 most {typical|common} meters
%u2605Subdivisions- quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets
%u2605Accents- program accents to {happen|occur} on any beat


{Discover|Learn} {much more|more}:

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