Middle-earth Map II is now available on iTunes

The Middle-earth Map II is an original “wall sized” map of The World of Arda. Based on the books by J. R. R. Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien, the Middle-earth Map II shows the changes to Arda with the Fall of Beleriand and the rise of Númenor during the Second Age of Middle-earth. See the locations of the Kingdoms in Exile and the founding of Mordor.

The Middle-earth Map II features include:

• An “A” to “Z” listing of map places
• A category listing of map places
• Dynamic search for map places with categorized results
• Add a place to a favorities list
• A handy “Go There” button that automatically takes you to the specific map location
• Easy access to the Tolkien Gateway website for research into your current selection…
without leaving the app – (requires an internet connection & includes web navigation)
• Zooming to enlarge map details
• Dynamic scrolling around the map
• Ability to take notes
• Bonus “Desktop” PDF available for download
(password protected)
• Only $3.99 iPhone — Only $4.99 iPad
• Educational discounts available

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