Milk Addict: Steal the delicious milk

Hi! We are Fabrik Studio (, a game startup from Quebec city and our goal is to make innovative and fun mobile applications. Our first baby is a funny puzzle game and we would like you to try it. The principle is simple : the survival of an alien milk addict is at stake and you have to use various forms of pipes to reach cows and the delicious milk. We worked hard to make the gameplay easy and addictive. It’s a freemium based game with in-app purchase of additional map packs.

Plus, we have an exclusive contest! Because we are aware that listening to players is the best possible way to improve our games, we are happy to offer the chance to enter a unique contest to design your own map and send it to us. The 30 best maps will be included in an upcoming free users map pack! It’s a great way to capitalize on the social features of our game and to promote creativity. Likewise, we use Openfeint to create interactions between us, the player, all his friends and the gaming community.

We’d like to hear your thoughts. We had a lot of pleasure in creating this game and we hope that it will please you.

Game Trailer

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We also made a fan fiction, check it out (yes, we are crazy like that!!!):

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Working in collaboration with ENDI ( and his partners, Beenox ( ), Frima (, Sarbakan ( and Ubisoft (, Fabrik Studio ( ) puts the gamer first in creating revolutionay and addictive mobile games.

Milk Addict - Fabrik Studio

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